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It’s What We Do…Right!!! Wrong…Not this year!!!

The Best Plans Temporarily Fail

It”s the 18th of January and our resolution has gotten old.  We are trying to hang on to it but life is just getting in our way.   STOP!!!!

You’ve got to hang onto it.  We really have got to be better on New Year next year than we are this year.  That needs to happen every year.  We don’t get any younger and time waits for no one.

Come On…Let’s Make It Happen

It’s our resolution and  it’s time to work (not leisurely recreation) on this year’s resolution.

Resolutions…What is it, Why is it, and How do we make it happen What is it

There are 32 variations of the definition of Resolution in the Webster dictionary.  If it’s that complex to define, it’s not easy to do.  Is this where the old saying “It’s easier said than done” DOES NOT apply?  A summary of the definition is the act of processing, analyzing, resolving, answering, and determining.  Now that we know what is it, why is it?

According to Bill Petro, New Year’s Day celebrations began in pre-Christian times, beginning with the Babylonians in March but changed to January by the Romans. January gets its name from Janus, the two-faced god who looks backwards into the old year and forwards into the new. It seems that the holiday was developed to reflect and look forward to the new year not plan for the new year.  Christians have taken this upon themselves to add the planning of a new year (people are known to adjust rituals to suit their own purposes, but that’s a topic for another speech).

As I entertain myself by watching the festivities of most holidays I don’t exactly indulge in their popular meanings.  I prefer to celebrate my own life holidays, such as my friends and families birthdays, commitments, anniversaries, and deaths.  They enjoy me bringing my well-known violescent to the occasion. Therefore, my New Year’s celebration is my birthday.  Don’t get me wrong, I would not miss seeing thousands of people gather for events to celebrate in fun and peace.  I can’t wait for the inauguration on TV, of course, lol.

My question to you is now that January 1st has come and gone, is your vow to yourself come and gone also.  I have heard, repeatedly, that the resolutions last anywhere from a week to three months.  I have also heard that anything done consistently for 90 days becomes a habit.  Ok, then why do we end up in the same place doing the same thing, year after year?  I asked the question to several associates and here’s the popular answer; there is not enough time in a day.

Every year we go about our days doing the necessary things in life…providing food, shelter, clothing, and protection for us and our families.  And yes, we do plan to eat right, exercise, and give back.

Here’s my thought on it.  There IS enough time in a day, but we waste so much of it doing the wrong things, that makes it hard to get the right things done.

Here are some examples to incorporate into your day:

Shop more in the produce aisle (less damage to yourself and your environment) Cook at home twice a week for the whole week.

Add an easy salad to each evening meal.

Take your lunch.  Say no to food that is brought into the job.

It only takes about 10 minutes to eat lunch, therefore after lunch, take a walk with or without a coworker.

Play your favorite tunes and dance while you cook or clean.

Give up soft drinks and sugary juices and drink water

Wake up in the morning 15 minutes earlier to do come cardio.

Go to bed 15 minutes later and do some stretching

On our website there is a link for workouts on the go and exercise tips

Just these simple changes may change your health , life and pecuniary circumstances.

Join me in keeping  resolutions alive.   Let me know what you are doing to keep hope alive.

Terri, urgo2gal

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One thought on “It’s What We Do…Right!!! Wrong…Not this year!!!

  1. Lois J. Bollin on said:

    I liked the “blog”. All of the entries were informative.

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