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How Do You Choose????

OMG, if I get another email about how to make my business successful in this economy, I am going to scream.  I know that’s what  you are saying and its true.  We are all trying to make it work and with all the new options to choose from, how do you choose?  I bartered for an iPad.  Until I had the opportunity to barter for it I kept thinking, “And why do I NEED an iPad.”  I had tried it out on several occasions, right down to a stranger in the store who was waving it around like it was golden.  I love the shiny new toy but I learned years ago “all that glitters is not gold.”  I refrained.  It seemed like no one had money but everyone had a $500 new shiny toy, but why?  I choose to use what was working for me, my netbook.  They were the rage for a moment and I could definitely understand that.  It was small, portable, and housed all the programs I needed for home, office and mobile, but deep inside I wanted to understand the rage of an iPad.  Why did you choose what you use?  Is it:

  • Functionality
  • Keep up with the Jones
  • New and Shiny
  • Got a good deal
Now I have an iPad but I am using my netbook as we speak (blog).  I guess I AM practical, but I am glad I bartered for it.  Not only did I get a great new shiny toy but I also got to help someone with an important task.  Now that makes it all worth it.  I will blog about any great apps or functions I really enjoy but please, go to my blog and teach me about some really cool stuff.  You never know I may give up my netbook.  I am always open to improvement.
Different day, different time, and bright and shiny new stuff…

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