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Why are We Waiting for Elections to Move Forward?

I keep having this conversation about who will be president.  As I am like most, I have my views, opinions, and parties.  Everyday is a different day for an Entrepreneur and that will not change, even the election doesn’t affect that.  As small business owners we have had to think on our feet, do hand stands, and face the restraints of everyday business.  Will that really change much once we have elected our president.  Will there really be any big policies that don’t take decades of implementation to affect our overall business success?  Really, will there?  Let’s list some what ifs:
  • What happens if we elect a republican president? or a democratic president? or a neutral party president?
  • What happens the day after the elections?  the week after? the month after? or even the year after?
  • What if we get more tax credits? more health insurance provisions? more small business loans?
  • What if you think of your own what ifs? your own when ifs?  your own how ifs?
So again, tell me why are we waiting for the elections to be over to move forward?  Time is ticking and we need to stay focused.  We need to focus on our goals! our customer’s benefits! our sphere! our marketing! our strategies!
Don’t sit and wait for something better to happen……….YOU HAVE to make it happen….yes You!
It’s your business, your family, your friends, your customers, your associates.  It’s all about you and yours.  Let’s not wait for the government to decide if we are going to be successful.  You decide to be successful…YOU decide!  Of course your success is defined by you and you only, but make the decision and take the action accordingly.
I would love to share in your success, therefore let me know if you need any assistance.  That’s what I was born to do, assist.  I am an Entrepreneur’s Administrative Assistant.
For information on me and my assistance go to my website: www.terriholley.com.
The election is going to happen but so can you……….Make it happen!
Much success to you,

It Will Change …

It Will Change Your Life

August 3, 2012 

It’s eight months into the year.  Where has the time gone?  I was speaking with one of my Zumba students today and we agree.  Time is flying so fast, we cannot remember what we did six months ago.  With the awesome challenges of time management, we so seldom slow down enough to remember our moments.  I have began to write them down.  I decided to go back to a manual organizer and keep track of time, events, appointments, people, and places.  While it helps me not miss appointments, it also helps me keep track of moments.  I remember when I did the gratitude journal workshop with Oprah.  It was a tremendous experience to realize how wonderful my life really is.  In just those few eye-opening weeks, my life attitude changed.  I often share my experience with my clients.  It gives them more appreciation for the triumphs of today’s challenges.  I challenge you to keep a gratitude journal for a month. It will change your life.  Come back and share you story with me. I’d love to hear from you.

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