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“What have you been doing all year…you’ve only got a few months to go”

“What have you been doing all year…you’ve only got a few months to go”.


“What have you been doing all year…you’ve only got a few months to go”

It’s time to catch up! I’ve missed you all.
I love the fall. It’s easily my most favorite time of year.
Living in Ohio most of my life and now Tennessee, I truly appreciate the change of seasons.
The cooler days, falling leaves, and colorful hillsides — all put me in a thoughtful frame of mind and ready for new beginnings.
I dusted off my goals list from earlier this year. It’s time to take inventory.
You know how much I love making and (love even more) crossing off my to-do’s.
I’m happy to see that many things I wanted to accomplish have happened.
But there are still a few big goals that are sitting out there – neglected and half forgotten. Counting today (Monday October 10, 2011) there are 83 days left in this year.
Plenty of time to tackle a few things on the list.
Maybe your list needs to be re-written. As you make accomplish and learn new things, what you want to be, do and have change as well.
In case you need it, you have permission to scrap the old and write a few new ones.
Take time to do a quick inventory. Pick one or two things that you can commit to focus on for the next 83 days. When you have a deadline, you can use the work backward method.
Pull out a calendar and figure out the steps required to get to the end result. Schedule mini-deadlines for each step along the way. Breaking a large goal into small manageable steps helps me keep on track and also prevents the overwhelm that you feel when you want to tackle something new.
I’d love to know what is next for you as we finish 2011.
What have you crossed off your list?
What’s changed for you?
What are you excited to see happen in the next 83 days?

Emailed by Phyllis Nichols on October 11, 2011

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