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Turn Your Business Into A Book by Maryann Reid

People will invest in betterment, and success is among the most attractive factors that a business can possess.

When your business has reached that highly-anticipated stage where you transcend management into industry mastery, you should consider it your next step to turn that success into a book for others to learn from. You’re good. You’re smart. You have a system in place. But how do you attract an audience?

The answer lays in how fads — or memes — catch on like fire in dry brush these days. I often advise my clients to play into this as best as they’re able. Consider the following examples:

* The 17 Day Diet
* Think and Grow Rich
* The 4-Hour Workweek
* The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

What do they have in common? They don’t leave much guesswork to the audience. You know immediately what they’re about. They’re also catch-phrases that tickle curiosity and carry well through word of mouth, which are central components of strong memes.

The key to creating a catch-phrase is to be creative in how you communicate. Make it easy for your readers to remember your message, then make it easy for them to spread it to others. The catchier your title is, the more likely it will burn the barriers between your business’ present place in the market and that industry-leading position you crave.

When you take the essence of your business and turn it into an incentive for change, you will create a strong public presence for yourself. And if you can capitalize on creative approaches and clever terminology, then people won’t simply want to follow, they’ll encourage others to try it out for themselves. Such support is invaluable, and you can only attain it by redefining your message and turning it into a book.


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