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Social Media Hype…Is It Really????

Everyone is hounding us about becoming a part of social media.  This blog is based upon my own feelings, no statistics, or proven facts, just how I feel about the social media hype.  OK, here goes….

First of all what does the word “Social” mean.  Let’s see, OK, Wikipedia says, “In the absence of agreement about its meaning, the term “social” is used in many different senses and regarded as a fuzzy concept.”  Dictionary.com says, “Friendly Companionship.”  The Merriam-Webster online says something about allies or confederates, pleasant companionship, relating to human society, interdependent. 

I am sure you get the message now.  We are supposed to be friendly and form a relationship.  So does that mean that we are suppose to be friendly and form a relationship through media? 

I’ve been on Facebook for over a year and not everything is so friendly and I haven’t really formed a “Companionship,” through it.  I have kept in touch with business and personal associates, friends, and family, but those relationships were already formed….I think, lol???  So are we being hounded to make friends and be friendly to strangers, through social media?  I don’t remember exactly where, but I’ve seen comments that say, “If you are not on Facebook, then your business will suffer.  Whoaaaa….my business will suffer…really!!!

I keep asking business owners how much business have they gotten from FREE social media, and so far the answer has been very little or none at all.  I know you are suppose to form relationships with people that you meet, to make them your customers in the long run, but isn’t that what happens naturally?  How many people have you met that have actually boosted your bottom line, without you targeting them for business?  Yea, think about it.

I am not saying, “Don’t partake of social media.”  I am just posing the question to business people and individuals, a like.  With all there is to do, do you really have time for social media as a business chore, and if you don’t partake of social media, will your life or business really suffer.

I’m just askin……………………..

Terri Holley, Virtual Assistant

Sunshine Secretarial Services



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One thought on “Social Media Hype…Is It Really????

  1. SoMed marketing is a specific type of marketing and a very effective one if used in the right way. I for one have a whole new following for my work, which I would not have had without SoMed marketing on FB and Twitter. I have been able to broadcast events, talk about new projects, gain support for new opportunities, I have used SoMed to teach, preach and reach. So, yes for me it is effective. I believe if you use the tools within FB – causes, pages, ads you are able to reach a demographic which you have not reached before and see the results. It has worked for me.

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