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Social Media Hype…Is It Really????

Everyone is hounding us about becoming a part of social media.  This blog is based upon my own feelings, no statistics, or proven facts, just how I feel about the social media hype.  OK, here goes….

First of all what does the word “Social” mean.  Let’s see, OK, Wikipedia says, “In the absence of agreement about its meaning, the term “social” is used in many different senses and regarded as a fuzzy concept.”  Dictionary.com says, “Friendly Companionship.”  The Merriam-Webster online says something about allies or confederates, pleasant companionship, relating to human society, interdependent. 

I am sure you get the message now.  We are supposed to be friendly and form a relationship.  So does that mean that we are suppose to be friendly and form a relationship through media? 

I’ve been on Facebook for over a year and not everything is so friendly and I haven’t really formed a “Companionship,” through it.  I have kept in touch with business and personal associates, friends, and family, but those relationships were already formed….I think, lol???  So are we being hounded to make friends and be friendly to strangers, through social media?  I don’t remember exactly where, but I’ve seen comments that say, “If you are not on Facebook, then your business will suffer.  Whoaaaa….my business will suffer…really!!!

I keep asking business owners how much business have they gotten from FREE social media, and so far the answer has been very little or none at all.  I know you are suppose to form relationships with people that you meet, to make them your customers in the long run, but isn’t that what happens naturally?  How many people have you met that have actually boosted your bottom line, without you targeting them for business?  Yea, think about it.

I am not saying, “Don’t partake of social media.”  I am just posing the question to business people and individuals, a like.  With all there is to do, do you really have time for social media as a business chore, and if you don’t partake of social media, will your life or business really suffer.

I’m just askin……………………..

Terri Holley, Virtual Assistant

Sunshine Secretarial Services




Well come on!

Join the ranks of sleeping late, workin in ur pjs, makin ur own hrs, and being your own boss. Don’t forget to spend that pile of money that comes just by opening a new business, cuz there is plenty more to come……

On the real tip, owning your own business has its rewards, but like most things we love to do…ITS WORK! I’ve been working like a Hebrew Slave (just a sayin) and I am still not financially rich. Yes, I own a fancy car and have lived in a mini mansion, wear fur coats and wonderful diamond rings, but the most rewarding part of owning a business is making dreams come true….BUT WAIT! This is about the glamorous life. OK, let’s talk about…..THE GLAMOUROUS LIFE!

You have an idea. Your idea is a fabulous idea. Now you want your idea to be a business. Do you want your business to be a for-profit, non-profit, LLC, S-Corp, Corporation, sole-proprietorship, general or limited-liability partnership? No, no, no, don’t close this link yet….I don’t want to lose you, so just google your Secretary of State in your state and get those answers….easy right, lol.

OK, back to your fabulous idea….it’s a good one and it’s gonna make you a LOT of money, right. So whatcha gotta do to make it make money………MARKET IT!!! Who are you gonna market it to? Where are you gonna market it? When are you gonna market it? How you gonna market it? Why are you gonna market it, to the market you gonna market it to, when you market it, where you r gonna market it? Ok, OK, OK….I almost lost you again. Here’s some answers….use meetup.com to find where the people that will pay you money for your idea will be, so that you can meet them and tell them about your fabulous idea. Market it on your fan page on Facebook and invite all your personal Facebook friends to like you, and then link it to twitter, LinkedIn, and other sites that you can find. That’ll start the marketing.

Now you see why we sleep late and don’t have enough time to change out of our PJ’s to work, while making our own hours, right 24/7, cuz when we are not working on marketing, networking, financials, or actually doing the work we love, we are thinking of marketing, networking, financials, and how to get another person to pay us to do the work we love…..again and again.

Other than those few monsters in our business, I still rather work more days and more hours working for myself and my clients (who are absolutely wonderful) then punching the clock working for someone else.

Terri Holley
Ur Go 2 Gal
A SCORE Cyber Counselor

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